Alere INRatio® PT/INR Monitor System Voluntary Withdrawal

Patient Self-Tester Information

This is important information concerning the Alere INRatio® PT/INR Monitor system (INRatio® Monitor or INRatio®2 Monitor and INRatio® Test Strips) that may have been prescribed to you for monitoring your blood clotting time (PT/INR) while you are on warfarin therapy. You should discuss this information with your doctor.

Alere San Diego, Inc. is initiating a voluntary removal of the Alere INRatio®/INRatio2® PT/INR Monitoring System. This removal includes both the Alere INRatio®/INRatio2® PT/INR Monitors as well as Alere INRatio® Test Strips that collectively constitute the “Alere INRatio® System.”

For more information about the Alere INRatio® PT/INR Monitor System voluntary removal, please review the Urgent Medical Device Recall notification released on July 26, 2016. Click here for the Spanish version.

If you have any questions, please contact Alere at 1-866-723-2535 or email

Click here to view the Press Release issued July 11th, 2016. [pdf 212KB]

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